Veterinary Consent

Flexability Canine Massage Therapy never works upon a dog without gaining prior veterinary approval. I always work to ensure best practice by following the guidelines set by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and the Exemption Order 2015. 


Your dog’s vet's advice is essential as they need to approve that your dog is medically fit to have any massage treatment.  Furthermore, their professional advice on  any diagnosed problems and conditions allows me to adjust my massage session to your dog’s requirements.

PLEASE NOTE -  If your dog has had their vaccinations / booster injections, massage sessions need to be delayed until 2 weeks after the injections. At time of booking please let me know and we can then organise an appropriate date.

Please download the form and ask your vet to sign it:


Blink had a treatment today - Sally made sure Blink was relaxed and comfortable before she started and spoke to her reassuringly throughout.

Moira Bowden