What can I expect from Canine Massage Therapy?

Canine massage is an effective, manipulative therapy especially designed to target the 600+ muscles in a dog's body.  We identify trigger points (knots), myofascial pain, strains, scar tissue and general weaknesses in movement and use a variety of massage strokes, stretching techniques and manual manipulations to  assist in the rehabilitation of your dog's movement, flexibility and its physical and emotional well being.

Canine massage is also used effectively to assist in the healing of specific muscle injuries and provides relief from muscle tension, soreness, muscle spasms and weaknesses.  This is especially useful in working and competing dogs where it can improve flexibility and thus performance. 


In addition, when working in conjunction with your vet, canine massage therapy can benefit the recovery and rehabilitation process in many conditions as well as both pre and post surgery procedures.

For dogs with ongoing, chronic orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, and those with age-related problems, canine massage provides non-medicated pain relief which eases discomfort through the release of endorphins.    

All treatments are tailored specifically to your dog's needs following the initial consultation and review of veterinary consent form.  Gait and postural analysis and levels of muscle tension are performed at this time.  A tailor-made treatment/improvement plan is created for your dog as well as home-care advice. 

I have regular clinic days in South Newington and Daventry. as well as providing massage sessions / days for individuals and groups, booked to the your specific requirements. 

Customer Review: Firstly Izzy is not an easy patient! She is very distrustful of people so Sally took time to get her as relaxed as possible and we have managed 3 sessions (successfully!). Some time ago Izzy jumped off a cliff and has had ongoing issues. I love the fact that Sally treats the whole body. In between each session I took videos so Sally could clearly seen any improvement but also helped her see areas of concern. Prior to her injury Izzy was an amazing Agilty dog and I only wish I'd found Sally earlier so she could have carried on doing what she loved. I write this review 2 days after our 3rd treatment and I've had to temporarily confiscate all toys cos she's gone bonkers!

Louise Crone